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The Premise
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The Amazons live deep in the Tarkan Jungle. They are an all female tribe of mages, warriors, archers, and healers. They have magical powers rooting deep from nature and the land they live off of.
(See the History section of the Memories to read more about the History of the Amazons)

The Story

The Amazons lived in the Tarkan jungle for years in peace without disruption. However thier land has just been inbedded in deep war with many countries who wish to learn the source of the Amazonian power. In a war against the English, the American's, and the Sashuri (their male counterparts), the Amazons have lost much of their land. Now under Princess Ashra's reign, they fight to keep their land and their powers a secret.

The Rules For the OOC Journal

1) This is the OOC (out-Of-Character) Journal for the RPG community animeamazons. Therefor members may post about anything they want. I just ask that promotions, quizes, and large pictures be placed under an LJ-cut.

The Rules For animeamazons
1) This is a roleplaying community. Therefore all post should be related to the RP (Applications, Posts, and OOC posts). All community promo's, quiz results, etc will be deleted and the offender will be banned from the community. Also all posts (with the acception of Applications) should be friends-only.

2) No GOD-modding. Meaning that all characters are mortal and can be hurt. Please do not make your character too powerful.

3) Do not play as another person's character without permission

4) You may have as many characters as you can handle.

5) This community encourages the use of pictures in posts. However, please keep the pictures at a decent size. If there are multiple or huge pictures please us an lj-cut.
- When it comes to posting pictures with your charcter, if you do not have a place online to upload them, I will do it for you. However, I will allow each player 3 pictures per character. Then I will make a friends-only post in which I will list the URL for each picture so that you may use it to post with.

6) All magic using characters have one primary power and one secondary power. Powers can evolve to be stronger and more versitile later in the RP.

7) When posting please put the name of the characters involved in the post as the title.

8) Please try to make a new post rather than comment on a previous post. This way new RP-ing is easier to view in Friend's-lists and so on.

9) Please try to limit the use of seperate OOC posts. That's what comments are for.

10) All players are REQUIRED TO POST AT LEAST once every week. Comments and replies count.

11) All characters have to be sexy. End of story....j/k

Every character has an alignment. meaning they are part of some type of social group. Is your character an Amazon? Or perhaps a member of the English Army? Or maybe even a member of the Sashuri? Create your own alignment for your character if you would like. But be sure to include lots of information about their history.

Current Alignments:
- Amazons: This is a tribe of all females. All of the women of this tribe have unique powers that are related to the elements and nature. Many of the members of this tribe are archers, mages, or warriors. (Feel free to add your own twist here). They hate the Sashuri and fight diligently for their land. It is a known fact that when an Amazon is take from the Tarkan Jungle (ie. sold into slavery) she loses her connection with the earth and therefore temporarily loses her powers. However staying away from the jungle for too long can cause her to lose her powers permanantly.

- The Sashuri: The Sashuri are a band of all male warriors. Some of them have magic powers. This stems from the fact the they live very close to the same land the Amazon's live off of. They are a seemingly peaceful people and love to challenge the Amazon's to battles. It is tradition for a Sashuri to beat a Amazon in battle to earn the right to marry her. Currently they are a seperated people, some wanting to join England in the conquering of the Tarkan Jungle (these are mainly the males without magic) and the Sashuri who fight to keep the Tarkan Jungle for themselves.

- The English: These are normal humans without power. They have come to the Tarkan Jungle to reap it's natural resources for their own. They have waged war against the Amazon's and are lead by Sir Allen Crestmere.

- The Americans: The Americans are normal humans who are out to destroy the Tarkan Jungle and also claim the rich natural resources. They tend to be nicer than the English and attempt to make friends with the Amazon's. The American's are lead by many independant companies who come to take the land from the Amazons.

The Application

Character's Name:
Character's Alignment:
Character's Sex:
Character's Age:
Player's/Character's Journal: (For user info)
Can you post at least once a week? (comments/replies count)

Physical Description: (Eye color, skin color, height, weight, clothes)

Personality Description: (Mean?, Arrogant?, Shy?, nerdy?, ETC)

1) (Primary Power Description)
2) (Secondary Power description)

Character History: (where were they born? Why do they fight? relationships with other members? ETC)

Anything Else: (how much RP experience you have, your fave food, whatever)

Current Characters
(Name - Primary power, Seconday power or Job - Journal)

The Amazons:
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Princess Ashra - Psychic Attributes, Psychic Elements - scoutlove3

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Miyuki - Water Control, Super Stamina - amazon_miyuki

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Mahora - Psychic Foresight, Lightning - majnta

Linna - Wind Control, Air Creation - caralindacat

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Pheonix - Flame creation, Flame Control - scoutlove3

The Sashuri:
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Kyurai - Super Speed, Agility - scoutlove3

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Kiran - Healing, Water Elementalist - sashurikiran

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Kari - Transformation, Light Energy Control - scoutlove3

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Elian - Super Strength, Lightning Control - scoutlove3

The English:
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Sir Allen Crestmere - Elitist - sashurikiran

The Americans:
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Kyle Young - Gunslinger - kinnerdarkness

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Minna - Archeologist - majnta

This community is Moderated by scoutlove3 & sashurikiran

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