sashurikiran (sashurikiran) wrote in animeamazon_ooc,

Well...and an Intro

More or less I've made a new account so that this all can be straightforward. (to me.) My friends area in my lj is flooded with stuff at times and I just may miss posts and the likes.

So perhaps I should introduce myself a bit too. I'm Sharlene, but I go by my online alias, jipy. My lj is as jipy, if you don't already know. Ummm...I usually do Harry Potter RPGs, and often take up male characters. (It's a pattern, and has nothing to do with me as a person.) I'm a second year biomedical science major and I live in a house 20 mins away from campus during the school year. But at the moment I'm at home 'enjoying' a summer break. I have work though. I hate 10 hour shifts...they'll be the end of me! (I work at an amusement park store doing retail sales. We sell a heck of a lot of Sponge Bob stuff, and Dora the Explorer, etc.) But...I always do find time to RP. ;)

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having maps for this thing, for some consistancy I suppose. I can make them. Actually I'm fairly interested in making a sort of compendium on daily living of the Amazons and Sashuri... Like how they live, the sorts of houses, currency, art and culture, spiritual beliefs, the works.
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